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As emerging young artists and designers of the city, students were asked to consider and share what kind of world they would like to live, using creative processes to call for change. The Gallery’s resources and spaces were made available to use to help amplify the student voice to encourage others to think, talk and make.
'Protopia' was used as a starting point for the project - A model for change, working towards a better future - an idea developed by American thinker and Futurist Kevin Kelly.

Esteemed conceptual artist, Jeremy Deller joined us for this year's Future Creatives, providing support and encouragement to visual arts students.

The work exhibited at Manchester Art Gallery demonstrates how our young creatives at the The Manchester College can deliver incredible and thought provoking outcomes in the most difficult of circumstances.


UNLOCK THE LOVE - Future Creatives, 2021

Manchester Art Gallery has once again commissioned visual art's students from The Manchester College to create a series of art outcomes and activities that will form a day of positive collective action. This was hosted at the Gallery from 9th-11th of July 2021. The commission involved students working towards making outcomes which would ultimately become part of their portfolios and provide a platform for them to express themselves on current issues during this pandemic.

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