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(Shena Simon Campus)


It has been a privilege to teach the class of 2020 at the Shena campus.  Such a wonderful group of young people, joyful with a sometimes-stubborn uniqueness. Nurturing the next generation of creative minds, who have demonstrated a wealth of talent. The community which they have shaped in our studio has been a space for discovery, taking creative risk and building confidence. I have seen each one grow in a multitude of ways. Thinking critically to solve problems in unique and personal ways. 2020 has indeed been a year no one will forget in a hurry.. sharing this historical landmark together and supporting one another will be a lasting memory for me.
Bettina Halpern: Tutor



Harsh lighting and absolute mindless boredom, nourishment through the written word, making the mindset conducive to enjoyment and fulfillment, creating pattern and shapes, sustaining routines and daily rituals. All of these kept me going during quarantine.

Celeste Knight Collage. 2.jpg
Celeste Knight Collage. Future Creatives
Celeste Knight Collage.jpg
Celeste Knight Collage. Future Creatives
Celeste Knight Collage. Power.jpg
Celeste Knight Collage. Future Creatives
Celeste Knight What will we carry throug
Celeste Knight sketchbook 5.jpg
Celeste Knight sketchbook 6.jpg


This work examines the emptiness of the city since the Pandemic struck, with particular focus on Piccadilly Gardens which lost its hustle bustle and energy.  l transformed these views into line drawings with simplistic sketches, replacing each building or its surroundings with a linear drawing which catches the lost sounds and personalities.

Munjirina Kamal        Magnitude.jpg
Munjirina Kamal      Capacity. 2.jpg
Munjirina Kamal      Capacity.jpg
Munjirina Kamal        Construction.jpg
Munjirina Kamal       Fabrication.jpg
Munjirina Kamal        Photography.jpg


My Family: Three Generations of Women

Hannah Guerriero Mother.jpg
Hannah Guerriero Grandmother.jpg
Hannah Guerriero self.jpg
Canisters - Grouping-1.jpg


My work is centred around societies and human conditions

“In societies dominated by modern conditions of production, life is presented as an immense accumulation of spectacles,” Guy Debord's Society of the Spectacle (1967)... Increasingly, the spectacle serves as capitalism's primary mechanism of social control

1-ANIMATION copy  Dylan Levick
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding College. 6
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding.jpg
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding College. 2
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding College. 3
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding College.4.
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding College. 7
Dylan Levick Parkin  Branding College. 8

Dry Your Eyes



My work focuses on personal change and development... self-exploration and past memories which have made an impact on my life

Samantha Ballantyne  Portrait .jpg
Samantha Ballantyne  Metamorphosis.jpg
Samantha Ballantyne Mask.jpg


Work which explores the Cycle of life managing the relationship between body and mind controlling anxieties

Emilia Sobota 2.jpg
Emilia Sobota 3.jpg
Emilia Sobota 1.jpg
Emilia Sobota 5.jpg


This work examines the juxtaposition of urban and economic growth in Manchester. Taking inspiration from repeat architectural pattern in the city and the natural world. I am passionate about sustainability in both fashion and textiles.

Kitty Coles body works.jpg
Kitty Coles  drawing 3.jpg
Kitty Coles photo weave.jpg
kitty Coles drawing.jpg
kitty Coles mixed media.jpg
Kitty Cole Gurlz Zine.jpg
Kitty Coles Street Map.jpg
Kitty Coles Rytham of nature.jpg
Kitty Coles photo.jpg
Kitty Coles  drawing 2.jpg
Kitty Coles drawn weave.jpg
Kitty Coles Sketchbook.jpg
Kitty Coles drawing machine.jpg
Kitty Coles sketchbook 3D.jpg



Her loudest scream possibly ever was swept behind the car by the explosive winds. Morghan taps a few times on the driver’s shoulder, who’s reaction to which was a screech and a violent swerve, slamming Violets entire body into her husband’s, squeezing him against the side of the vehicle. Spinning the wheel like a pirate in a storm in an attempt to get the car back on track, Vixer shuts down both his unruly passengers with a death stare to beat all others.

Ben Mansley.jpg
Ben Painting pop up gallery.jpg
Ben Mansley 2.jpg


An exploration of the concept of dreams through the unsettling yet calming atmosphere of scenery… focusing particularlyon red sky and derelict spaces.

Wiktoria Gumienna' healing'.jpg
Wiktoria Gumienna' Insomnia.jpg
Wiktoria Gumienna Part of a Collaboratio
Wiktoria Gumienna Coluor study Digital.j
Wiktoria Gumienna Wake up.jpg


My creative practice involves interacting and manipulating different materials. For may FMP I have build a SHED out of all reclaimed wood, which has turned out to be a venture for my peers, becoming the centre for our end of year show 'Art in the community'.

Afonso Cortesao Community in society Rec
Afonso Cortesao  chair.jpg
Afonso Cortesao Community in society sal
Afonso Cortesao.jpg
salt crystals 2.JPG
salt crystals .JPG
crystals on white .JPG
Afonso Cortesao  Reclaimed somewhere ro
Afonso Cortesao Community in society.jpg
Afonso Poppy collage.jpg
Afonso Cortesao Natural Manmade Stones.j
Afonso Cortesao Trianlges.jpg

Art in the Community shed build


Helen's work attempts to visually demonstrate the mental and emotional impact of self-isolation.

Helen Worden Lockdown.jpg
Helen Worden Hold on.jpg
Helen Lock doen FMPP photo.jpg
Helen Warden FMP lock down Photo.jpg


‘College gave me the freedom to explore all areas of art which really helped me to decide what I want to do for a future career.’



A Story With No Words
This piece of work shows the impacts of how certain memories can affect you, both mentally and physically. 

Olivia Potts A story with no words.jpg
Olivia Potts A story with no words. conc
Olivia Potts A story with no words. conc

Fossil of a Knot
This piece of works displays the negative space of a knot. The 
work was massively inspired by the artist Henry Moore.

sculpture 1.jpg
Olivia Potts  knots.jpg
Olivia Potts   fossil knots.jpg
Olivia Pott knots 4.jpg
Olivia Pott knots 5.jpg
Olivia Potts   fossil knots.2.jpg
Olivia Pott knots 3.jpg


We Can Be

Looking into the history of Black Britain, I wanted to focus on the children who were born from immigrant parents from the Windrush Generation. Exploring the hardships and confusion of being in an unfamiliar place that didn't welcome you.

Kamaria Bell We Can 5.jpg
Kamaria Bell  We  Can.jpg
Kamaria Bell  Mixed Media Manchester in
Kamaria Bell  We  2.jpg
Kamaria Bell  We  Can   4.jpg
Kamaria Bell  Mixed Media Manchester in


My life drawings have underpinned my working practice in a wide range of creative media.  I love the challenge of large scale portraiture and I choose to paint with sincerity. 

Kesis Halili Painting Portrait
Kesis Halili Painting Social Setting.jpg
Kesis Halili Life Drawing.jpg
Kesis Halili Paintings.jpg
Kesis Halili Painting Afonso.jpg
Kesis Halili Painting Human Contact.jpg
Kesis Halili Paintings. Light and Space.
Kesis Halili Painting Sketchbook.jpg
Keisi Studio space.jpg



I look at myself by the reflection - I can’t stand the mirror with this hair - Big, afro, fresh and with an inexplicable touching temptation - scared to mess it up even more - Not scared to be who he wants to be? - Proud to be free - Skin’s getting dry, so it starts to rip. There’s need of lotion so my skin can breathe - Keep exercising my body to stay fit - Taking showers for fun so I don’t smell feet - One metre -  A few keep putting me down - It’s not part of genes - I’m just a grade down.

Bruno Mateus  Confidant.jpg


Bruno Window Picture Library.jpg


Bruno M Black White Photo Library.jpg
Bruno Mateus Ever lasting.jpg


Bruno Mateus  Mother.jpg



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