"Through bizarre and challenging times, it has been a pleasure to work with such lovely, talented and engaging students. The excellent work that has been produced across both year groups is testament to their dedication and hard work. I have no doubt the current Extended Diploma students going off to various university places in September, all have a bright future ahead of them. Likewise, our first year fashion group which is full of such vibrant, lively and incredibly talented students, have shown just how capable they are of progressing on to an exciting career within the fashion industry."

Craig Holmes: Tutor

The student’s courage to tackle obstacles head on, whilst still being creative and producing some fantastic work, has been outstanding. It has been a privilege to be part of all the students’ journeys, not just throughout the final part of their second year, but also through these historical moments during COVID 19. Well done to them all!

Helen Riley: Tutor


Our Rubbish Society

An exploration of the amount of rubbish and waste we use and where it all ends up, and how our world is affected by this.


Natures Back Garden

A project which looks looks at nature and how shapes, forms and patterns are formed in trees and plants all around us.  Researching into waterproof materials and how this relates to fabrics from plants and other natural sources.


The Marriage Explorer

Marriage and Traditions are different in every culture and have changed from years gone by, so for My project explores the traditions and rituals that happen during marriage ceremonies.


Surface and Texture

Through experimenting I have found that I am most creative when playing with surface and texture, so I decided to use this as my concept for my Fmp so I could develop my skills and experiment with a range of different techniques.


Itz Corona Time

“Covid backwards is Divoc and I don’t know what the divoc is going on”

I wanted to use current news to inform my FMP, so I began looking into Covid-19 and the worldwide pandemic, I found the unknown interesting and scary during isolation, but decide to use this to explore thermal imagery, I liked how the bold colourful visuals we get on thermal images is ironic in the way it is so opposite from the death and sadness the virus has caused.


Islamic Art

My project is centred around Islamic art and spirituality. I explored how the geometrical patterns became such a big part of Islamic history. I can also relate this to my own Pakistani culture which has lots of handiwork with geometrical patterns and designs.



A creative investigation into how we as humans use our powers to exploit others rather than protecting others.


The Perfect Perception

A project which looks into the world of Instagram and social media, looking at how as a society we perceive People based on their social media life.

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