This Summer exhibition 2021, is an archive of how Visual Arts students of The Manchester College found, developed and retained resilience despite experiencing the impact of Covid 19 during 2 years of their formative education. When classes were halved our campuses and studios may have appeared empty but it is ideas and curiosity that fill spaces to capacity. In this respect, we have been, ‘standing room only’.

Keep on listening, noticing and looking, your work will remain long after newspaper headlines, daily statistics and disposable masks have vanished. Your work will always be important. Come on, Greater Mancunians, stand 2 metres apart but shoulder to shoulder with your amazing teachers and technicians and let’s Unlock The Love 2021 in our beloved City.


Maria Foran:
Head of Department, Visual Arts

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SqL3 A&Ds.jpg

Art & Design (Shena & Openshaw)

SqL3 A&D.jpg

L3 Art & Design (Northenden)


Foundation Art & Design

SqL2 A&D.jpg

L2 Art & Design (Northenden)


L1 Art & Design (Northenden)

SqL3 Fsh.jpg

L3 & L4 Fashion

SqL2 Fsh.jpg

L2 Fashion


L3 Photography - Yr 1


L3 Photography - Yr 2


UNLOCK THE LOVE - Manchester Art Gallery 2021